6 of the Best Home Brew Beer Kits 2023

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Written by Benjamin Parr

My passion for homebrew led me to set up KegThat! I work as a software developer during the day and manage kegthat on evenings and weekends. Occasionally I write some blog posts when I get the time!

22 September 2022

I have compiled a list of the best home brew beer kits in 2023, I have based the research on personal preference, best sellers and favourites amongst the community forums and groups! In the recent days, the kits have become increasingly impressive and its a fight amongst the manufactures to produce the best tasting kit yet! I have tried to pick a kit from different categories so there should be something for everyone here, there isn’t a stout in the top picks, but let me know if you would like to see this in a future post! It would be great to see if you agree or disagree with the choices, so feel free to comment below if you have any additional thoughts to add!

Best Hazy Beer Kit – Muntons Flagship Hazy IPA

The Muntons Flagship Hazy IPA is a favourite amongst many home brewers in the community. The beer has excellent head retention, with a smooth mouthfeel. You can taste the citrusty and tropical aromas coming through from the Citra & Mosaic dry hop additions. An extremely sessionable beer that you will no doubt be able to drink all day long! If you love a hazy beer, this one is a no brainer, you won’t regret this one. I must also mention the presentation of the kit, it comes in a very attractive box which screams sustainability! It would make a perfect gift too! Although slightly more expensive, we think this kit is well worth the extra buck! There is also no need to add extra sugar to this kit.

Price £££
Taste 9/10
Hops Citra, Mosaic

Beer Kit – Muntons Flagship Hazy IPA

Best Fruity Home Brew Kit – Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit IPA

The Mangrove Jacks Pink Grapefruit kit was based off the Brewdog Elvis Juice beer, so if you like a fruity beer this one is definitely for you! Personally, I was not a fan of Elvis Juice at all and actually think this beer turned out very different and in fact a lot better. It had much more of a malty depth to it, unlike Elvis Juice. As soon as you open the contents of the malt extract, you will immediately notice the pungent aroma. If you taste the extract, you will taste strong notes of grapefruit. We were amazed with the finished result, you will notice a rich chocolaty colour on first appearance. There is a fantastic body with an intense depth of flavour and a pleasing level of bitterness provided by the grapefruit. Two of my friends have also brewed this kit and we all share the same high opinions! We are really excited to start brewing the other kits in the range.

Price ££
Taste 8/10

Beer Kit – Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Pink Grapefruit IPA

Best Aroma – Young’s American IPA

This beer has a lovely citrusy, fruity aroma and really improves the longer you leave it to condition. It has a great malty flavour with a mild bitterness and a deep golden colour. You can immediately smell the centennial before even tasting the pint. The bitterness notes are interestingly delayed and come after the smooth, sharp taste of centennial, this makes this a unique beer as normally we expect to have the opposite. There is a lot going on in this beer, if you prefer something a little more basic we would recommend the American Pale Ale. This beer gets its kudos for really hitting you in the face with the complex and intense aromas. If you are looking for a session ale, you may want to consider increasing the water volume in the fermenter, otherwise you will find yourself on the floor after a few! This is a medium priced kit, everything you need is in the kit, including the dry hop additions. Overall an lovely beer and highly recommended.

Price ££
Taste 8/10
Hops Simcoe, Centennial, Chinook

Beer Kit – Youngs American Pale Ale 3.6KG – APA

Best Lager Beer Kit – Coopers Australian Lager

As with any lager, its important to make sure that i’ts served in the right glass, chilled and properly carbonated. The Coopers Australian Lager has excellent head retention and carbonation, along with a light colour. It smells almost like a corona styled lager, which was a great first impression. With the single can kits, I would always recommend giving them extra time. When brewing this myself, I left the bottles 3 months to bottle condition. If you are looking to compare this to a commercial lager, Tuborg would my closest guess. Its also highly recommended to brew this kit with Young’s Brew Enhancer, this will ensure more body and improved head retention.

Price £
Taste 8/10

Beer Kit – Coopers Australian Lager

Best Hoppy Beer Kit – Muntons Cwtch

Before we even talk about the beer kit, what an amazing name! Cwtch, translates to cuddle from welsh. The branding on the kit is spot on, full of vibrant colours, perfect for a gift! For many brewers, this has been their favourite kit to date. The kit is not quite as red in colour as the commercial beer, but the taste is faultless, there is absolutely none of that ‘Homebrew Twang’. The Cwtch Red Ale Beer kit comes with several dry hop additions, giving out excellent earthy hop aromas. You can really taste the Columbus in this kit too, alongside citrus notes too. The well balanced bitterness is the icing on the cake, if you like a hoppy beer you will be impressed. If you feel like you want to compare to the commercial version, it’s sold in lots of local welsh pubs!

Price £££
Taste 7/10
Hops Citra, Columbus

Beer Kit – Tiny Rebel CWTCH Welsh Red Ale

Best Golden Ale Home Brew Kit – Woodfordes Bure Gold

The Woodfordes range was one of the first Premium, High-end kits on the market and they are where many of the younger brewers like myself started their home brewing journey. Having tried all of these in the past, I had to include one of them on my list! The Woodfordes Wherry Kit was my first kit, this is a fantastic option if you are looking for a bitter. Woodfordes Bure Gold made it as my top pick from the range, lets find out why! You will find this an extremely refreshing beer, with excellent clarity and malty character. The inclusion of the dry hops in this beer were an amazing addition and definitely helped too make it my favourite! After tasting this kit, you will really start to doubt why you are not giving the extract kits a whirl as the quality is amazing! The body is fantastic, carbonation could be improved so I would recommend a little more sugar for the secondary fermentation. Overall, this is a lovely kit and everything is included so no need to buy sugar!

Price ££
Taste 7/10

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