Cask Ale Conditioning at Home

cask ale conditioning at home

Written by Benjamin Parr

My passion for homebrew led me to set up KegThat! I work as a software developer during the day and manage kegthat on evenings and weekends. Occasionally I write some blog posts when I get the time!

16 June 2022

Don’t try this at home! Or at least use some caution. I try to carbonate my home brew beer in a pressure barrel by transferring before fermentation has ended in an attempt for real ale conditioning. Will it work?

Get your pressure barrel here.

Recipe for the beer in the video:

Batch size: 23L

OG: 1.053

FG: 1.015

ABV: 5% Maris Otter 3.6kg

Torrified wheat 500g

Crystal 340g

Chocolate 28g

Golden syrup 500g (in the boil)

Fuggles 54g @ 60 min

Progress 28g @ 15 min

Fuggles 20g @ Flame out

White Labs WLP005

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  1. Great video on cask conditioning experiment. I gave up using pressure barrels and now bottle after 2 – 3 weeks fermenting and feel after 3 years have finally perfected ‘as good as and indeed better than’ beers you can buy. Great to have your videos, cheers 🍻

    • Thanks! I go through phases with them. I tend to bottle and keg more these days as well but if I have an English style beer I tend to use the PB.

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