Buy The Best Home Brew Cider Making Kits Online

Craft Your Own Fruity Brew In Style

If you love cider but want to add a fresh flavour to your drinking experience, there’s no better option than brewing your own. Here at KegThat, we boast one of the UK’s largest and best selections of home brew cider kits that you can easily buy online. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, the home brew kits are perfect beginners and experienced brewers alike.

Cider Making Made Easy

Making a home brew cider is something every passionate cider drinker has considered at one time or another. Thanks to our wide range of products, the process has never been easier. The simple, convenient, cost-effective cider making kits can help you create your own refreshing beverages in a matter of days.

Here at KegThat, we are proud to deliver some of the best craft home brew cider kits from some of the biggest names in the industry. This includes BrewBuddy, John Bull, Mangrove Jacks, and Youngs. Whether you prefer apple, pear, mixed berry or hard cider, you will find the perfect solution for your endeavours. And many of the all-in-one boxes can produce 30 pints of sweet stuff or more.

All kits are ideal for beginners, intermediates, and experts alike at a cheap price. With several fantastic options to choose from, you could try to recreate your favourite or experiment with some new flavours. Either way, that first sip of a brew you made with your own hands will taste as satisfying as it does delicious.

Celebrate Your Love Of Cider

Whether it’s relaxing after a tough day of work or enjoying the summer sun with friends and family, there’s nothing quite like knocking back a pint or three of the refreshing craft ciders you’ve made from your kit. And let’s face it, the brewing process will deliver a lot of memorable moments for solo brewers and families alike.

All of the cider making kits in our online store provide affordable, easy-to-brew solutions. From classic flavours like apple or pear to fruity combinations like mango and passion fruit or strawberry and lime, the best results are assured. The aromas, appearances, and taste profiles will be fresher than anything you’ve ever experience.

As well as the kits themselves, our friendly and passionate cider-loving experts can hook you up with the basic brewing accessories needed to produce even greater results. Unlocking your new favourite cider starts here.

Delivered To Your Door

Here at KegThat, we believe that a winning experience of brewing cider at home begins with a convenient shopping experience. With our wide selection of the best UK cider kits, finding the perfect option for your next home brewing session could not be simpler. But if you still need a helping hand, we’re ready to support you.

All items can be delivered throughout mainland UK, as well as internationally. Whether you’re aiming to test the waters or start a new hobby for brewing alcoholic beverages at home, our cheap craft cider kits for beginners are ideal. Find yours by checking out our choices online.