130 New Winemaking Recipes



Last updated on: 6 October 2022

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Once people made country wines solely from the fruits of their gardens and local hedgerows, but today there is a wide range of fascinating ingredients available – grape juice, concentrates, grains, dried fruit, exotic fruit juices – to allow winemakers to pursue their crafts all year round, independent of fruiting seasons. Now in its third edition, this book has already reprinted forty-one times and has sold over 500,000 copies. It contains (in alphabetical order from Almond Wine to Yarrow Wine) 130 tried and reliable recipes for country wines and real ales, many of which are unique to this publication and which supplement those found in the author’s primer First Steps in Winemaking. The book is illustrated by the well-known winemaking cartoonist Rex Royle.
Author: C.J.J. Berry
Publisher: Special Interest Model Books
Dimensions: 210 x 148 x 8mm
ISBN: 9780900841637
Edition: 3rd revised edition