Apollo 30 L Unitank Pressure Fermenter



Last updated on: 3 May 2023

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The Apollo 30 L Unitank Pressure Fermenter takes homebrewing to new heights with its innovative features. Perfect for pressure fermentation, this fermenter allows you to ferment and carbonate in one vessel, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your beer sooner.

Crafted with a conical shape and a robust, transparent PET build, the Apollo instills confidence for brewing high-quality beer under pressure.

The Apollo is equipped with several features such as a stainless steel plunge valve and collection bottle for trub dumping and yeast harvesting, a dry hop port for hygienic dry hopping, a multi-pressure option PRV selection that includes 3 x PRVs for selecting the pressure setting, a centralized floating dip tube for clear transfers, a thermowell for monitoring the internal temperature, built-in handles, a true conical shape, and a stainless steel stand.

Upon completion, the beer may be served directly from the fermenter or transferred to a keg without exposing it to oxygen. Each unit is pressure tested right off the production line, ensuring quality and durability.