Apollo 60 L Unitank Pressure Fermenter



Last updated on: 3 May 2023

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The Apollo 60 L Unitank Pressure Fermenter is large enough to satisfy your homebrewing aspirations. It is capable of pressure fermentation and carbonation of a double batch of high-quality craft beer in a single 60 L tank. The fermenter’s conical shape, strong PET construction, and exceptional fermentation control enable you to ferment under pressure with confidence.

The Apollo includes the following features: a stainless steel plunge valve and collection bottle for disposing of trub and collecting yeast, a dry hop port for hygienic dry hopping, a centralized floating dip tube for clear transfers, a thermowell for monitoring internal temperature, built-in handles, CIP capability, a true conical shape, and a stainless steel stand with castors.

Upon completion, the beer may be served straight from the fermenter or transferred to a keg without exposing it to oxygen. Each unit undergoes a pressure test right off the production line.