Brew Pack Raffle



As suggested by members of The Home Brew Forum we have a new exciting raffle!

The Kit includes:

  • 6kg of grain
  • 300g of hops
  • Any dry yeast sachet

I have priced the raffle off the following order:

Weyermann Carafa Special Malt Type 3 Crushed  × 6000 £18.36
Pacifica - 2018 3.2% AA  × 300 £23.85
SafAle BE-256 Dry Brewing Yeast  × 1 £3.69

This order would come to £45.90 not including postage if you bought this directly from our website

There will be 20 tickets @ £2.75 each. This will equate to the estimated value of the price

This raffle is running exclusively for The Home Brew Forum and you must enter your username in the special instructions.

Please comment in the most recent thread when you have done this.

You must answer the question below to comply with legal raffle rules.