Beer Kit – Bulldog Evil Dog American Double IPA


The Evil Dog IPA kits allow you to make a golden IPA with subtle fruity notes. If you like Brewdog’s Punk IPA which has seen a surge in popularity over the last year then the Evil Dog IPA kit is definitely for you.

What do you get when you purchase Evil Dog’s IPA Kit?

With a kit weight coming in just short of 5KG you will have the ingredients to make 23L at 7.1%. Inside the box, you get a big bag of Wort 2 packets of Hop pellets and 1 packet of dried yeast.

We recommend allowing the Wort to Aerate for at least 12 days before adding the hops and after that allow for a 14-day fermentation to ensure you get the most refreshing and crisp flavour this kit has to offer.

What extras will you need?

  • A fermentation bucket which can hold a capacity of 27L, this must have an air-tight lid to prevent the air from contaminating your homebrew with air
  • Air lock to ensure no air gets in or out during the fermentation process
  • Syphon Tube
  • Bottles or pressure barrels with S30 valve

Other optional equipment you may want to look at picking up is :

What are the specifications of the finished IPA I should expect to see?

The IPA if brewed correctly should have the following characteristics:

  1. Alcohol percentage of 7.1%
  2. Bitterness level of anywhere between 40 & 45 EBU
  3. Colour that falls within the ranges of 12-17 EBC

If you have met all 3 of the criteria above then enjoy the refreshing taste of your very own home-brewed Evil Dog IPA!