Last updated on: 22 April 2023

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UK Manufactured ChemSan Brewing Sanitiser

Features of Chemsan Brewing Sanitiser:
  • An acid cleaner for brewing and surface sanitising.
  • A blend of phosphoric and benzenesulfonic acid and isopropanol.
  • An excellent brewing sanitiser for manual application.
  • Not recommended on soft metals because of the acid nature of this product.
  • British replacement for StarSan

Dilution: 0.2%, 10ml to 5 litres of water. Higher concentrations will require a rinse with potable water.

All surfaces should be cleaned and rinsed beforehand. Minimum contact time 2 minutes. The solution should remain at a pH at 3 or below to maintain the proper sanitising level. If using the diluted solution over time, check the pH regularly using pH papers.

For hand utensils, tanks, vats, and homebrew use: Pre-clean dirty surfaces. Clean all surfaces using a suitable detergent, following label directions. Rinse with potable water. Apply diluted solution on surfaces with a cloth, mop, brush, sponge, spray or by immersion. After 2 minutes contact time, drain solution thoroughly. For all applications, allow to air dry, however surfaces must remain wet for at least two minutes. Do not rinse after Chemsan application.

Chemsan is manufactured in the UK by Chemisphere UK Limited who are located in Kettering (UK) and Manchester (UK).

Best Star San Alternative

Chemsan was designed to be a UK version of star san, save money and buy local with this excellent alternative.