Chubby 30 L Pressure Fermenter



Last updated on: 28 March 2024

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The Keg King’s ‘Chubby’ is a pressure fermenter that has a larger capacity than the Fermenter King Junior. With a volume of 30 L, it is ideal for full batches and fits comfortably in a fermentation chamber. The Chubby is crafted from high-quality PET and enables you to enjoy the benefits of pressure fermentation for batches ranging from 23-25 L, with ample headspace.

The Chubby lid has a gas and liquid post, as well as a PRV port, making it easy to control gas and liquid during transfers, fermentation pressure, and serving. The floating diptubes that come standard with each Chubby fermenter allow brewers to obtain clear and bright beer after fermentation. Additionally, the Chubby features stainless steel handles that make it easy to transport, while its super smooth interiors allow for effortless removal of fermentation debris, making the clean-up process a breeze.