Crisp Brown Malt Crushed

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Last updated on: 5 April 2023

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Beer Styles
Old ales, mild ales,
brown ales, bitters,
dark ales, porters


Usage Rate
Up to 5%

The next stage up from Amber Malt is our Brown Malt. The colour is produced
in the same manner as Amber, but is roasted for that bit longer to give a
nutty roast dryness with a light brown hue, perfect for brown ales and milds.
Remember that when assessing roasted malts, it is the resultant colour and
flavour of the wort and beer that is important rather than the colour of the
outer barley husk of the malt in your hand.
Different varieties of barley may give roasted malts with differing husk colour,
but will produce wort with the expected colour and flavour when mashed.