Crisp Extra Light Crystal Malt 25kg Crushed



Last updated on: 2 December 2022

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Beer Styles
Milds, bitters, best bitters

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Crystal and Cara Malts are so named for the caramelisation and crystallization
of the sugars present in the barley kernel. Green malt is taken from
germination and by applying heat while maintaining the moisture content it is possible to liquify the endosperm of the barley, transforming the starch into sugars.
Heat is then applied and the caramelisation begins.

In the case of Crystal Malts, when the endosperm cools, sugar crystals are formed.
When you cut across the grain the glassy sheen of crystalized sugar can be seen.
Each Crystal Malt imparts a clean, nutty, caramel-like sweetness to your beers.
Extra Light Crystal gives a subtle caramel flavour.