Still Spirits Distilling Conditioner



Last updated on: 22 April 2023

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Our Still Spirits Distilling Conditioner is a highly effective defoaming agent that ensures a smoother and more controlled distillation process. Its expertly crafted formula is designed to release trapped carbon dioxide, preventing the foaming of unfermented sugars during distillation. This allows for a more efficient and consistent production of your favorite spirits.

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Preparation: For best results, make sure to shake the Still Spirits Distilling Conditioner bottle well before each use. This ensures that the ingredients are evenly distributed and ready to work their magic.
  2. Dosage: The recommended dosage varies depending on the size of your still:
    • For small stills such as the Air Still or 4.9 L Boiler: Use 1 capful of the Distilling Conditioner.
    • For larger stills like the T500 or other comparable models: Use 3 capfuls of the Distilling Conditioner.
  3. Mixing: Add the appropriate amount of Still Spirits Conditioner to your wash, ensuring even distribution throughout the liquid. This can be done by gently stirring the wash after adding the conditioner.
  4. Distillation: Once the conditioner is thoroughly mixed into your wash, proceed with the distillation process as usual. You’ll notice a significant reduction in foaming, which results in a more stable and efficient distillation.