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Homebrewing hard plastic fermenting bucket


Here is the highest quality homebrew fermenting bucket. These buckets have been manufactured in Birkenhead, Wirral UK. A fermenting bucket is essential in the homebrewing process as it is the vessel in which your beer can ferment. To ensure you are fermenting at the correct temperature, we have even included a high-quality LCD Stick On Brewing Thermometer. If you require alternative homebrew testing equipment make sure you check out our testing equipment category page here.


lcd tick on brewing thermometer

To ensure that no bacteria can enter your bucket, we have also included a plastic airlock and cap. These are very simple to use and ensure that gasses can exit the bucket but no bacteria can enter. Simply fill the airlock with water up to the first bubble and then insert it into the grommet in the lid. To make sure there is an adequate seal between the airlock and the bucket we have added high-quality rubber grommets to the lid of the bucket. This seal ensures no bacteria or oxygen can enter the fermentation vessel.


homebrew air lock for brewing fermenting bucket


Normally fermenting takes around 7 days but many homebrewers decide to ferment for 14 days to be certain the fermentation is complete. This also allows for beer conditioning to improve. You can also tell when fermentation is complete when your airlock stops bubbling, this is because the co2 bi-product will no longer be created when fermentation is complete. Alternatively, you can take a sample from the homebrew tap and perform a hydrometer gravity test. When your final gravity is reached, you can transfer your beer into bottles or a barrel.


During fermentation, it is very important not to remove the lid from your fermenting bucket as the carbon dioxide released will create a protective layer that will prevent your beer from becoming infected. Removing the lid will cause this layer to be removed.


We love to help so if you have any questions about fermenting give one of our friendly Wirral based team members a call!