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Last updated on: 11 December 2023

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First Gold Hops Flavour & Aroma Profile

First Gold hops are a British hop variety developed at Wye College in the UK. They were introduced in the late 1990s as a dwarf hop variety, making them easier to grow and harvest. This hop variety is a dual-purpose hop, used for both bittering and aroma additions in brewing.

Flavour & Aroma Profile:

  • Aroma: First Gold hops have a distinctly fruity aroma, characterized by notes of tangerine, orange, and marmalade. They also exhibit some light floral, spicy, and earthy tones, which add complexity to their overall profile.
  • Flavour: When used in brewing, First Gold hops contribute a pleasant, moderate bitterness, as well as some fruity and citrus flavours. These flavours complement the aroma profile, with tangerine, orange, and marmalade being the most prominent. There are also subtle hints of floral, spicy, and earthy notes that can be detected in the background.

First Gold hops are well-suited for use in traditional British ales, such as bitters, ESBs, and pale ales, as well as in newer styles like IPAs, where their unique character can add depth and complexity. They can also be used as a substitute for other British hop varieties, such as East Kent Goldings if a more fruity and citrus-forward profile is desired.

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First Gold Hop Pairings

If you’re looking to create a unique and flavorful beer using First Gold hops, pairing them with other complementary hop varieties can enhance the overall aroma and taste. Here’s a list of hop pairings that can bring out the best in First Gold, showcasing its fruity and citrus characteristics while adding depth and complexity to your homebrew.

  • Fuggles brings earthy, woody, and mild fruity flavours. Pairing it with First Gold can enhance the complexity and depth of your beer, especially in traditional English ales.
  • East Kent Goldings: This hop variety is known for its smooth, gentle bitterness and floral, earthy, and slightly spicy aroma. It can complement First Gold’s fruity and citrus notes, providing balance and complexity to British ales.
  • Cascade: An American hop variety with citrus and floral characteristics, Cascade can add a bright, refreshing twist to the First Gold’s fruity profile, making it suitable for American Pale Ales and IPAs with a British twist.
  • Amarillo: This American hop variety is known for its strong citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Pairing it with First Gold can create an interesting blend of fruitiness, suitable for modern Pale Ales and IPAs.
  • Willamette: With its mild and pleasantly earthy, floral, and fruity characteristics, Willamette can work well with First Gold to create a balanced and nuanced hop profile, suitable for a range of beer styles.

First Gold Hop Substitutions

If you’re unable to find First Gold hops or would like to experiment with similar hop varieties, consider the following substitutions that can offer comparable flavour and aroma profiles:

  • East Kent Goldings: A classic British hop, East Kent Goldings offers a smooth bitterness and a floral, earthy, and slightly spicy aroma. While it may not be as fruity as First Gold, it remains a suitable substitute for traditional British ales.
  • Fuggles: Another popular British hop, Fuggle brings earthy, woody, and mild fruity flavours to the mix. Although it may not have the same level of citrus character as First Gold, it can still work well as a substitute in English ales and bitters.
  • Progress: Progress is a British hop variety with moderate bitterness and a floral, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma profile. It can be a suitable alternative to First Gold, particularly in traditional British ale styles.
  • Challenger: Another British hop variety, Challenger provides a balanced bitterness and a fruity, spicy, and earthy aroma profile. While the fruitiness may be different from First Gold, it can still be a suitable alternative in many beer styles.

Keep in mind that while these hop varieties can serve as substitutes for First Gold, each has its unique characteristics, and the resulting flavour and aroma may slightly differ. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect balance for your desired beer style.