Gervin GV5 White Fruit Wine Yeast Sachet 5g



Last updated on: 23 November 2022

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Gervin GV5 White Fruit Wine yeast is a French strain of yeast which will ensure that your white fruit wine develops an excellent bouquet. This yeast produces quality white wines and ferments works well at temperatures as low as 8 degrees C.

This 5gm sachet is sufficient for 40 pints (23 Litres). Simply sprinkle the contents of the sachet onto the surface of the prepared wine ‘must’ at room temperature, there is no need to stir.

Gervin is the brand name for the yeast sachets produced by Muntons the country’s leading (and main) maltster and producer of most beer kits sold in the UK as well as many wine kits. As a result the quality of these Gervin yeasts is excellent. They are used worldwide by both the professional and amateur winemaker and will always produce a top quality result.