Grainfather G70 Brewing System



Last updated on: 24 November 2022

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The Grainfather G70: Bigger, Better, & Built For Modern Brewing

With its 70L capacity, the Grainfather G70 is one of the biggest brewing systems that homebrewers could ever hope to buy while it is also the perfect brewing companion for microbreweries and commercial breweries in the UK and worldwide looking to conduct a pilot run of a new beverage. Size matters, but it’s far from the only key feature that makes the G70 stand out as the best option on the market.

The Grainfather G70 builds upon the success of the G30, taking tech features to new heights courtesy of a built-in wireless control feature that allows you to manage and automate all aspects of the brewing process from the integrated app online. Smart technology truly makes this the most advanced and easy-to-use brewing system of its kind.

Manual controls and a moveable magnetic LCD screen allow users to take a more traditional approach when desired. Whichever route you take, the Grainfather G70 is the company’s biggest and best model ever

A Brewing System With Consistency & Convenience In Mind

For recreational and commercial brewers alike, a robust brewing system that blends simplicity with sophistication is essential. The Grainfather G70 delivers everything any brewer could ever want. In addition to transferring up to 60L of beer into your fermenter with up to 7.5% ABV finished beer, it boasts the capacity to hold up to 17kg of grains.

Further features include a PID heating control that promotes accurate temperature management during the mashing phase, as well as a conical base that provides optimal efficiency throughout the process. Automatic heat sensors and a safety cut-out feature prevent danger and protect the ingredients to ensure you get more beer from your home brew activities.

The robust mash plates feature rolled edges for a consistent performance and added longevity while the side entry and push-fit applications create a more efficient brewing system. This is supported further by a sight glass panel for easy volume readings.

Easy Cleaning With The Grainfather G70

Brewing beer can be a lot of fun for recreational or commercial activities. However, the cleaning up processes are far less enjoyable. The G70’s integrated Clean in place (CIP) capabilities make it a doddle in comparison to other systems. Very few small parts need removing while the included cleaning filter simply requires you to flush a cleaning solution through the unit with water.

Meanwhile, a Counter Flow Wort Chiller with two connection points allows for quick cooling as it can be connected to a cold water tap. It subsequently offers instant cooling heat exchanges for the wort, reducing any threat of contamination. With easy online purchase, a 30-day money-back guarantee, UK delivery and our world-class aftercare support, the G70 is the only brewing facility you need.