Hop Pellets – Hallertau Hersbrucker – 2021


Last updated on: 11 December 2023

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Hop Hallertau Hersbrucker is a delicate aroma hop, primarily used in brewing lager-style beers. Its floral and slightly fruity flavor has also found success in lighter English cask-conditioned ales. If you’re looking for suitable substitutions, Sovereign, Golding, Strisselspalt, and Faram Fuggle are excellent alternatives.

Originating from the Hersbruck region in Southern Germany, Hersbrucker has expanded to become the variety with the largest acreage, particularly in the Hallertau area. It is also cultivated in the Spalt region. As an aroma variety, it ripens mid-late to late season and is susceptible to Peronospora. However, it demonstrates average resistance to Powdery Mildew and Verticillium Wilt.

Organic production of Hop Hallertau Hersbrucker is well-established among a small group of growers, though yields can be variable. The crop is typically pelleted soon after harvest, so any whole hop requirements should be specified by October at the latest each year.

In terms of storage, Hop Hallertau Hersbrucker is rated as poor to moderate. The hop is characterized by an earthy, floral, and herbal profile, with alpha acid levels ranging between 2-4% and beta acid levels of 2.5-6%. Cohumulone content falls between 17-25, and the oil composition consists of Myrcene (15-30%), Humulene (15-35%), and Farnesene (<1%). Total oil content ranges from 0.5-1.3ml/100g, and the flavor intensity is rated at 6.