Hop Pellets – Mandaraina Bavaria (HMBA) – 2020


Last updated on: 11 December 2023

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Introducing the Hop Mandarina Bavaria: A Unique Addition to Your Brewing Process

The Hop Mandarina Bavaria, originating from Hüll, Germany, is a versatile dual-purpose hop that can be used in both top and bottom fermenting beers. Released in 2012, this hop is a cross between the Cascade and a Hüll male, making it an excellent choice for creating sensory differentiation in dark and specialty beers. For the best results, consider using the Mandarina Bavaria during the fermentation and maturation stages of your brewing process.

If you’re searching for possible substitutions, you can look to the Cascade US, Columbus, or Nugget hops. However, the Mandarina Bavaria hop boasts its unique characteristics, such as its citrus, herbal, and orange notes. With an alpha acid content ranging from 4-8% and beta acid content between 5-6%, it provides a flavor intensity of 6, making it a sought-after ingredient for brewers.

Agronomically, the Mandarina Bavaria hop is a reliable choice, thanks to its late-season maturity and good yield. It’s also resistant to common diseases like downy mildew and powdery mildew and has a good wilt tolerance. This ensures a healthy harvest and a consistent addition to your brewing ingredients.

The oil composition of the Mandarina Bavaria hop includes 12-13% myrcene, 50-51% humulene, and less than 1% farnesene, with a total oil content of 1.0ml/100g. Grown in New Zealand, this hop brings a unique flavor profile to your brewing process, setting your beers apart from the competition.