Shrink Capsules x 30 Multiple colours


Last updated on: 12 May 2024

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A quick and easy way to give your product a professional look and finish.

Perfect Finish for our range of drinks bottles!

Compatible with a many of glass bottles (22mm – 30mm neck diameter only)

Benefits of Heat Shrink Capsules

  • The most obvious benefit of shrink capsules for bottles is the perfect airtight seal they create. PVC capsules easily conform to the shape of the bottleneck to create a tight seal that protects the contents from contamination. This makes heat capsules the perfect choice for preserving wines, spirits and so on.
  • Heat capsules are versatile and can be used on containers of various shapes and sizes. Due to its thermoformable design, heat capsules can form around the shape of a bottle no matter how wide or narrow the design. This makes it a great choice for brewers who may choose to use a unique style of bottle for their product.
  • Wine bottle shrink caps feature an attractive design and are a great choice for advertising. The capsules feature bright colours and finishes, plus artwork and logos adjust to the bottle’s shape so they retain their features. This makes heat capsules the perfect choice when trying to catch the eye of consumers.
  • Other label designs can lose their colour and form over time due to continuous exposure to moisture. Heat capsules are humidity resistant so their overall design will not deteriorate over time, ensuring their lasting quality.
  • Compared to other types of caps and lids on the market, heat capsules are much more affordable. This makes them an excellent choice for businesses starting up and allows you to produce high quality designs at minimal cost.
  • You can modify the look and design of heat capsules to include seasonal promotions and other temporary features. This versatility means that you can potentially increase sales during special time periods.


How to Apply Heat Capsules

  1. Fill your bottle with your chosen product and close it with a lid.
  2. Apply the shrink capsule over the neck and lid.
  3. Apply heat evenly to the shrink cap while remaining 15 to 30 cm away.
  4. Check that the seal is correctly applied and that the design is visible.