Hop Pellets – Sovereign – 2018


Last updated on: 11 December 2023

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Sovereign hops are a versatile and flavorful hop known for their classic English style. With a light, sweet, and floral character that can develop into subtle hints of fruit, this hop has become a popular choice among brewers. Offering a refreshing alternative to traditional Fuggles and Goldings, Sovereign can be used in both light and dark beers. Furthermore, it has proven to be successful in Pilsners, Helles, and Wheat beers, making it a versatile ingredient for various brewing styles.

Unlike some hops, there are no direct substitutions for Sovereign, which makes it a unique addition to any brew. This hop variety was developed by Dr. Peter Darby at Wye College through an open pollination process in 1995. It is a granddaughter of the Pioneer hop and a great-great-granddaughter of WGV, showcasing a lineage that contributes to its unique flavor profile.

Agronomically speaking, Sovereign hops are a mid-season hedgerow variety that is known for producing a very high concentration of cones while maintaining a low leaf count. This characteristic helps the plant show good all-round disease resistance and excellent yield potential, making it a valuable option for growers and brewers alike.

For those interested in organic brewing, Sovereign hops are also available in an organic variety. This allows brewers to incorporate this delightful hop into their organic beer recipes, ensuring an eco-friendly and sustainable brewing process.