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Last updated on: 3 May 2023

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Air Still Pro: The Ultimate Still Spirits Distilling System with Easy-to-Use and Advanced Features.

The Air Still Pro is a great distillery equipment for making small batches of premium light or dark spirits, whether you're a novice or an experienced distiller. It features both reflux and pot still modes, a built-in collection vessel for foreshots, and improved safety measures, making it simpler than ever to create your preferred type of alcohol.

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How to Distill in Reflux Mode using the Air Still Pro

How to Distill in Pot Still mode using the Air Still Pro

Make vodka or other neutral spirits

By selecting the reflux mode, you can produce highly pure and clean neutral spirits with alcohol content of up to 90% ABV. Once the reflux distillation process is finished, the Air Still Pro will turn off automatically, and the resulting distillate can be diluted and flavored according to your preference.

Craft flavoursome spirits such as Whiskey, Rum, or Gin

Opt for the pot still mode, and you can create artisanal spirits with an alcohol content of up to 80% ABV, while using the botanical basket to refine the taste of your preferred gin recipe. This feature of the Air Still Pro allows you to customize your distilling process to suit your taste and preference.

Air-cooled pot and reflux still

The Air Still Pro comes with a built-in fan that facilitates the cooling and condensing of the vapor into liquid by circulating air over the coils. This process is both efficient and effective. Additionally, there's no need for a separate water source, as the system is self-contained and does not require external input for its operation.

Improved Safety. Innovative Enhancements.

Automatic foreshots collection

The Air Still Pro features an integrated vial that collects the initial 30 ml of foreshots, which can be easily discarded. This not only improves safety by removing potentially harmful impurities, but it also saves time and eliminates extra steps in the distilling process, making it more convenient for you.

Automatic shutdown

To provide an extra layer of safety, the Air Still Pro is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that activates if the temperature gets too hot during the distillation process. This feature prevents any potential hazards and ensures that the distillation process is safe and worry-free.

The Air Still Pro Head Unit Fits the existing Still Spirits Air Still Boiler

You can enjoy all the advantages of the Air Still Pro without having to purchase the full system by buying the Air Still Pro Head Unit separately. This allows you to upgrade your existing setup and take advantage of the Air Still Pro's 2-in-1 reflux and pot still modes, built-in foreshots collection vessel, enhanced safety features, and more, without having to purchase a completely new distillery system.