Magnum Wine Kits

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Magnum Wine Kits are high-quality, low-cost kits that rival many of the supermarket alternatives. With a magnum wine kit, you can expect to pay only £1.70 per bottle!

Are Magnum Kits a good choice?

Yes! We are very fond of the whole range, you will notice pleasant aromas in both the red and the white kits.

The ABV of the kits are hitting the middle of the road benchmark of 13.5%, it is just what you want for both the dry red and dry white kit.

It’s important to note these are budget kits, they are going to be your taste like your average £5.99 store bought wine. They are not going likely to impress but they certainly wont dissapoint. If you are looking for a more premium kit you should consider trying the winexpert or beaverdale range.

Top Tips for Improving your Magnum Wine Kit

We recommend adding slighly longer to all of the times in the instructions, generally speaking, we feel they are always slightly rushed and more time is always better.

Although you can acheive great tasting wine in 7 days, you will be much more impressed if you can hold off and resist the temptation to open up a bottle and start early.

We feel patience is even more important when you are making red wine kits, you can get away with shorter duration on all of the whites.

Improving Clarity

Some reviews of the magnum wine kits mention that you can often find a slight haze. In order to avoid this, you can add wine finings or even egg shells as a subtitute in order to improve the clarity.