Testing Equipment

Don’t spend ages brewing to leave the results to chance. Testing equipment is essential to perfecting your brew and ensuring your beer is of the highest quality. We offer homebrewing testing equipment so you can be confident in every batch you create.

Homebrewing thermometers measure the temperature of your brew and ensure it stays at the correct heat throughout the process. We also stock alcoholmeter’s so you can measure the percentage of the beer, wine and cider you create.

Our homebrewing testing equipment offers extra accuracy so you can perfect your brewing process and create great tasting drinks each time.

Other Equipment

Homebrewing is a complex process, and it requires a lot of dedication to make superb batches of beers, wines and ciders. We carry equipment to help you with testing, brewing and clean-up processes.

Our copper sparge arm is ideal for expert brewers as it enables you to extract sugars from your grain without removing the flavour. Recommended for brewers that want to get the best wort for brewing, and available at a low price from KegThat.

We regularly update our product lists, so don’t forget to check back regularly. If you’d like information on future products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Home Brew Starter Kits

Do you want to start homebrewing but don’t know where to begin? It can get complicated, but that’s why we chose to offer homebrew starter kits. Whether you want to become a beer master or impress people with your homemade wine, we have the kit for you.

Home Brew Beer Starter Kits

We have some fantastic options for home brewing beer kits. Some of our basic kits require you to add water, so you can get to grips with the brewing process before upgrading. Now all you need to do is choose which type of beer you want to make!

Home Brew Wine Starter Kits

Brewing wine is complicated, but it can be rewarding to sit down and enjoy a glass of your homemade wine. Our wine starter kits are available for red, white and rose wine. Each kit comes with instructions and a step-by-step guide so you can learn about homebrewing.

Bottles and Bottling Equipment

Once you’ve perfected your brew, it’s time to bottle it and enjoy it. Some people prefer to pour their beer or wine into glasses, but we think there’s nothing better than opening a cold bottle of fresh beer.

We offer a range of bottles, caps and sizes for wine, beer and cider. You can also take advantage of our bottling equipment to make the packaging process more manageable.

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