The highest quality home brewing equipment. We source popular products such as homebrew boilers, mash tuns, Cornelius kegs, and Taps from around the world.

Our Refurbished Cornelius kegs arrive with us as previously used, we then apply our bespoke cleaning and. sanitizing methods to ensure the keg is cleaned and polished ready to serve you a pint.

Our high-quality homebrew mash tuns enable you to mash at a consistent temperature. They include a thick insulating layer to keep in the heat. They come with a grain/hop filter to ensure the homebrew tap is not blocked. Along with the mash tun, you can also purchase a glass thermometer which will ensure you can keep your mash temperature consistent.

We even offer our own branded homebrew fermenting buckets which are manufactured in Birkenhead, Wirral UK. These come complete with a homebrew airlock, a brewing thermometer, and a homebrew tap. This product is the perfect fermentation vessel that will ensure a seamless fermentation brewing experience. This is a basic piece of essential home brewing equipment.

Also needed for the essential home brewing equipment is a hydrometer, we stock these at a very competitive price.

Our wort chillers are manufactured in house in our property in Wirral using a bespoke technique that has been perfected to ensure the highest quality. These include food grade tubing as standard.

With our essential home brewing equipment at KegThat, we will look after you to ensure your brewing process is as simple as possible. Come and visit us on Wirral to have a look in person!