Bottles and bottling equipment

Here you can browse our extensive range of bottles and bottling equipment. Whether you are looking to bottle up your beer, wine, cider or spirits we have you covered!

The best bottles for Beer

When it comes to bottling beer, we would recommend all things amber! This is because when hops are exposed to light, a process called photooxidation takes place. Amber beer bottles keep out the light and ultimately result in better beer!

If you really want to try clear bottles for beer, you could always keep the bottles in a dark cupboard, sometimes it’s cool to see whats happening inside the bottle!

Amber Crown Cap Bottles

Amber crown cap bottles are the classic, they’re what you see in the supermarket! They are the favourite for giving out your home brewed beer to friends / family. One thing to note, you will also need to keep a regular supply of crown caps alongside a quality crown capper.

To save money, you may want to consider keeping back your store bought beer bottles, washing them thoroughly with chemsan and chemclean and re using them.

Amber Plastic Pet Bottles

Amber plastic pet bottles are an excellent, cost effective way of storing your beer, they even have screw caps so there is no need to invest in a crown capper or keep a regular supply of caps. The only downside is that many  brewers like to have the classic “glass feel”.

Amber Swing Top Bottles

Amber swing top bottles are the most expensive option, but they do allow the brewer to keep the traditional glass feel, but also benefit from ease of use. No need to invest in a crown capper or keep lots of caps!

The best bottles for Cider

You can use amber or clear bottles for cider, clear crown cap bottles allow the brewer to see the lovely colours and spy on whats happening inside!