Lager All Grain Recipe Kits

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Our lager all grain recipe kits allow you to brew the finest home brewed lagers, whether you are looking for a pseudo lager kit or your favourite pub clone, we have it all!

When brewing your lager all grain recipe kits at home, a pseudo lager recipe kit might be an easier method, this allows you to brew with the same conditions as the other beers. This method doesn’t require the brewer to invest in additional equipment. You can also pair a pseudo lager kit with some kveik yeast, this allows for an even faster fermentation! Using kveik, it is possible to achieve a grain to glass beer in as little as 3 days!

When it comes to brewing the clones, you will need to consider temperature controlled fermentation to achieve the perfect results. You might consider looking into the Grainfather glycol chiller, but this method comes at a cost. Other brewers will use some creativity and set something up with a custom modified fridge.

The main difference in brewing lager beers is the yeast used, lager yeasts ensure the yeast collects at the bottom of the fermenter, the yeasts also ferment much slower.

When it comes to serving your lager, temperature is key again, if you don’t own a kegerator, serving from bottles is likely the best technique, this also allows you to get the carbonation required for that lager fizz.

If you are looking for other styles, we have many different styles of all grain recipe kit. Why not try out an IPA, Wheat beer or even a sour!