California Common All Grain Kit



Last updated on: 30 December 2023

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This is our take on the California Common style, also known as a steam beer. It’s an easy drinking yet complex amber lager with flavours of malt, caramel, a hoppy spice and more complex malts and aromas. It’s fermented with a lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures.

Batch size: 23L
OG: 1048
FG: 1011
ABV: 4.91
IBU: 32.6
EBC: 21.5

Crisp German pilsner malt 4200g
Crisp extra light crystal malt 300g
Crisp medium crystal malt 300g
Crisp Vienna malt 300g

Magnum 20g @ 60 min
Perle 25g @ 10 min

Jasper JY219 German Lager Yeast

Mash all grains at 62°C for 60-90 minutes. Sparge and collect 28 litres of wort. Boil for an hour adding the hops at the prescribed times. Cool wort quickly and ferment at 18°C until final gravity has been reached and is stable for a few days. Bottle and keg as normal.