The Best Home Brew Beer Making Kits For Sale Online

We sell a wide range of homebrew beer starter kits including brands from Muntons, Woodfordes, John Bull, Coopers, and Young’s. Our homebrew beer kits contain everything you need to brew beer beside a select few which require brewing sugar as well.

Creating your own beer from a homebrew kit is really easy. You will need to grab a few other bits of equipment first but luckily here is a list with everything you need and links to the products!

  • ChemSan sanitizer – You will need to sanitize all of your equipment before use as any form of bacteria will infect your beer and ruin all of your hard work.
  • Fermenting bucket – This product actually comes with a hydrometer, airlock, and a stick-on thermometer which are all also key pieces of homebrew equipment. To start, add the contents of the cans from the homebrew beer starter kits into the bucket and add the correct amount of water that will be indicated in the instructions
  • A way to dispense your final product – This can be done using either bottles or a pressure barrel. If you chose to go down the bottling route take a look at our bottling equipment category here. There are plenty of options for dispensing through a pressure barrel but we would recommend a top tap king keg as it ensures your beer will have no sediment.

Within two weeks you will have a delicious beer that you can dispense into one of the above options

We love to help and answer questions so if you would like to know anything more about brewing your own beer from a homebrew beer starter kit please send us an email or give us a call and one of our Wirral, UK based team members will be glad to help.