Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kits

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There is a reason why Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most recognised red wines globally, its deep red colour and full-bodied flavour leave you wanting to “take one more sip”.  The tannins that are within the wine itself only mellow with age which makes the wine test even better when aged.

If you would like to take a shot at making your own Cabernet Sauvignon Wine then look no further! Here at KegThat we only sell Home brewing kits that are supplied with the highest quality ingredients to ensure whatever you are brewing tastes amazing every time, our Cabernet Sauvignon kits are no exception either! If you would like to make yourself up to 30 bottles of wine with full-bodied flavours rich in Blackberry, Black Cherry and Blackcurrants then all you will need is this Kit and the following extras:

  • White sugar to assist the fermentation process
  • 25L (Min) fermentation vessels one to brew in, another to siphon fermented wine into
  • 25L (Min ) fermentation vessel lid to cover fermentation container and prevent contamination
  • -airlock (with bung) to allow the release of gas produced during fermentation
  • -Spoon to stir your brew
  • -Hydrometer to check that the fermentation process is complete
  • -Syphon tube and bucket clip to transfer the wine from original container to the second container
  • -30x wine bottles & stoppers to store the wine in once it is made
  • -Steriliser to clean and steriliser all equipment

With the kit and the items listed above, you will be able to make super high-quality bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon Wine (30 of them at least!) that are perfect for drinking as soon as it’s made or for ageing. Also let’s not forget to mention the bragging rights you will get when you impress your family and friends!