Still Spirits T500

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The Still Spirits T500 range of equipment offers the very best in home distilling. This kit allows the user to produce the cleanest, purest alcohol in the masses! You can achieve up to 98% alcohol depending on the wash used.

If you are starting from scratch and have no other equipment, you will need to purchase both the Still Spirits T500 Boiler, both the condenser and alembic dome can attach to the top.

Use your Grainfather as a Still

Are you looking to upgrade your Grainfather to work with the T500 Condenser? You can easily do this with the conversion kit parts, the grainfather removes the need for you to invest in a new boiler. You can view the whole guide here.

Useful resources to help with your T500 Distillation Journey

Make sure to check out our blog post which runs through all of the steps to start using your T500 Condenser. You may want to follow up by reading the guide on taking cuts after, this will help you maximise your investment in purchasing this incredible set of kit. You may even want to start from the basics and learn about the science of distilling first, if you are interested you can read more here.

Air Still vs T500

Considering a more budget-friendly and simple alternative? You should definitely look into the Air Still. It comes in at a much lower cost and is incredibly simple to use.