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How to use a Keg King Pressure Fermenter

How to use a Keg King Pressure Fermenter

Pressure fermentation is a great way to create cleaner tasting beers, and can speed up lager fermentation times! This video shows you how to put your Keg King pressure fermenter together, sanitise, pressurise and ferment in it.

The Best Online Home Brewing Equipment Shop in The UK 2023

The Best Home Brew Wine Making Kits For Sale Online

There was a time when you could enjoy a refreshing and flavourful pint at your local and not have to worry about the dent the cost would make in your weekly budget. With the outrageous cost of living, those days are far behind us. If you’re tired of paying a king’s ransom for unremarkable beers that never quite hit the spot, maybe it’s time you experienced the joys of home brewing. Home brewing puts you in the driver’s seat! It gives you the opportunity to make your very own delicious beers, ciders and spirits from home at a fraction of the cost of UK pubs and even the best supermarket deals. Not only that, it’s a fun and rewarding hobby that anyone can get into. But knowing where to find the right kits online and exactly how to start can be tricky.

That’s where we come in…

At KegThat we bring you the best! We’re a small, family owned UK business that’s driven by a true passion for home brewing, we strive to be THE best Home Brew Shop out there! Nothing gives us greater pleasure than introducing wide-eyed newbies to the joys of brewing their own tipple from home and entering a new world of robust flavour and exceptional value for money. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best home brew kits online at the best prices. Not to mention imparting our wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the most out of every batch.

The best home brewing equipment

Great beer cannot be made with substandard equipment. That’s why we stop at nothing short of the best equipment made from the highest quality materials. From wort chillers to keg kits and taps to testing equipment, we work closely with carefully chosen suppliers to bring you the highest quality kits. If we wouldn’t use it, we don’t sell it. Make sure to speak to one of our friendly team for advice on which brewign equipment is best for you, all in one systems are becoming increasingly popular and we can’t reccomend them enough!

The best ingredients

Home brewing uses time-honoured brewing methods for the kind of quality that’s getting harder to find on today’s supermarket shelves. But great beer also needs great ingredients, which is why we work with a network of local suppliers to bring you the highest quality hops and malts, as well as the yeasts which bring the other ingredients to life!

The Best Home Distilling & Spirit Making Supplies

If you are looking to dabble in distillation and make your own spirits, our comprehensive guides explain everything you need to know! Imagine being able to distil your own spirits from as little as £1.50 per litre!

We sell the best stills, distilling equipment and distilling flavourings available, our brands include Still Spirits, Alcotec & many more. As with all our other home brewing equipment, our stills are second to none and allow you to produce professional-grade results from your very own home.

The best cleaning and sanitising supplies

As you create batch after batch of foaming perfection, you’ll need to make sure your equipment is clean and well-maintained. But fear not! We bring you an outstanding range of cleaning and sanitation supplies so you can keep your kit in tip-top condition.

The best home brew support online

As a small, independently run business, we’re able to give you, our valued customer, the support and advice that you deserve. We understand how daunting the world of home brewing can be to a neophyte, and that even veterans have questions from time to time. Fortunately, we have a range of extensive online guides and we’re always on hand to answer your questions and give you the benefit of our years of brewing experience. Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We hope we can be the Home Brew Shop for you!

Here’s to your next home brew!

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