Home Brewing Bungs

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Silicone Bungs Discover our silicone bungs, known for their excellent sealing capabilities and resistance to high temperatures. These reusable bungs are non-toxic, easy to clean, and ideal for fermenters and carboys, providing a secure and airtight seal for your brewing endeavours.

Rubber Bungs Choose from our collection of rubber bungs, which offer flexibility, durability, and reliable sealing. Available in solid or pre-drilled designs, rubber bungs are a cost-effective solution for home brewers looking for dependable seals that withstand various fermentation conditions.

Universal Bungs Check out our universal bungs, designed to fit a wide range of fermenter and carboy openings. These versatile bungs offer a snug fit and can easily adapt to different sizes, making them a must-have addition to your home brewing arsenal.

Airlock-Compatible Bungs Browse our airlock-compatible bungs, designed with pre-drilled holes to accommodate airlocks, ensuring controlled gas exchange during fermentation. These bungs not only create airtight seals but also allow for the release of CO2 without letting oxygen or contaminants in.