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Mashing Equipment

The Best Mashing Equipment for Homebrewing

We offer an extensive range of mashing equipment for use in homebrewing. Our equipment ranges from mash tuns to mashing bags for brew in the bag (BIAB) methods.

Mashing Bag

The mashing bag is the easiest way to start mashing for all-grain brewing. Simply add your grains to the bag and submerge the bag into the boiler. After the mash is complete, you should then lift the mashing bag out of the boiler. For heavier batches, you may require a hoise or multiple friends to help you. The brew in the bag method is simpler as less equipment is required – you will not need a mash tun.

Mash Tun

The mash tun is perfect for more experienced brewers. To use the mash tun, first, measure out your grains. Add the required volume of water to the mash tun. This should be around 15°C higher than your mash temperature to allow for the loss in temperature due to the grains. Once you have added the water, slowly add the grains, making sure to stir with a mashing paddle, it is important to remove any air pockets.

After the mash, heat more water to around 75°C. You should add more water using a sparging technique until your required volume is met (You should add about 3l extra for a 23l batch to account for the loss of volume in the boil).

Mashing Paddle

The mashing paddle does an excellent job of removing air pockets from the mash, this ensures an efficient mash. It can also be used to stir in hops during the boil or create a whirlpool effect.