Buy All in One Grainfather Brewing Systems UK

All-In-One Home Brewing Facilities For Fast, Fun, & Fantastic Beer Making Activities

Grainfather brewing systems have cemented their place as the UK’s very best all in one brewing machines. Here at KegThat, our online stock lets you buy the most popular models on the market before having them delivered right to your door. Whether you’re looking to create your very own lager, IPA, or stout, it doesn’t matter. The all-in-one Grainfather brewing equipment is perfect for beginners and experienced users alike.

The Grainfather Family

The Grainfather family of all-in-one brewing systems is widely accepted as the go-to choice for UK home brewers of all levels while commercial breweries often use them for trial runs on proposed new beers too. The high-quality, robust, and super-efficient brewing machines guarantee consistently high results and a convenient brewing process time and time again.

Here at KegThat, you can find the Grainfather G30 and Grainfather G70 facilities. The two high-tech models offer different capacities (30L and 70L respectively) but both deliver convenient brewing practices through the use of advanced features including remote-controlled and automated mashing. All-grain brewing solutions never looked better.

Our online collection also includes the dedicated Grainfather G30 accessory kit, as well Grainfather sparge water heater. Alternatively, you can buy the Bulldog Master Brewer. Each of the products is guaranteed to deliver quality brewing results while they are additionally built to last for many years.

Home Brewing With Confidence

Whether you’re a complete novice or a regular home brewer, only the best equipment will do. The all in one brewing systems by Grainfather provide you with everything needed to craft simply stunning beers. Aside from offering a convenient and cost-effective solution, the units enable you to brew with confidence, especially when you buy online at KegThat.

That’s not least due to the awards and recognition that the Grainfather units have received. From the G30’s Top Brew Gear award in 2019/20 to the G70’s reputation as the best product of its kind for recreational and small commercial operations, every product in the Grainfather range is capable of unlocking the full potential of the ingredients used in your beer brewing activities.

When you buy, all items additionally come with a three-year guarantee while KegThat offers a free 30-day money-back guarantee too. When looking for home brewing facilities in the UK that offer an all-in-one solution, the Grainfather range has everything you need.

Buying Your All In One System

Grainfather’s all in one brewing systems are shown to be the best of their kind, working wonders for all home brewing enthusiasts. Here at KegThat, you can buy your brewing facilities with our online store before having them delivered directly to your home or business anywhere in the UK.

Whether you wish to start brewing as a hobby, test out a trial beer, or find the ultimate gift for your beer-loving spouse, Grainfather has the answer. And if you still need help selecting the perfect product for your budget and requirements, get in touch with our friendly and passionate agents today. The sweet taste of success awaits.