Turbo Carbon & Finings

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We want your spirits to taste the best they possibly can when you use our products, that’s why at KegThat we recommend you pick up some of our Turbo Carbon products to help aid in removing impurities from your homebrew and ensure the flavours you are after are achieved with ease.

Our Turbo Carbons are available as single packets or as part of a 3-pack kit which provides you with:

-Turbo Carbon – Removes impurities that may still lie in the spirits after distillation

-Turbo Clear – Used to clear the base post Fermentation

-Turbo Yeast –Faster fermentation.

Providing you use these products correctly you will achieve great-tasting spirits every time, but don’t just take our word for it pick yourself up a packet today and be amazed at the fast-acting purification you can achieve with Turbo Carbon.

Also, take a look at our Alcotec 24 TurboKlar which is designed to clear up to 25L of beer or wine, you can also use Alcotec 24 TurboKlar to speed fermentation up to 24 hours. So what are you waiting for? Pick up some Turbo Carbons/finings today and be proud of what you brew!

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, if you have not used this product before please consult guides from trusted users to ensure both quality and safety with your homebrew.