Organic Home Brew Hops For Sale UK

Organic Hops have many roles in homebrewing, but their most essential functions are to add some bitterness to your brew and preserve the flavour. Many homebrewers add hops at the end of the brewing process to strengthen the aroma of their beer or cider. You can choose between our hops pellets or fresh organic packs of hops for sale in our online store, and we stock some of the best hop varieties in the UK. To ensure the best possible quality our hops are vacuum sealed, nitro flushed and then cold stored in a freezer. Our most popular hops include dried Citra, which is perfect for both bittering your brew or adding an aroma. If traditional beers are your thing, try Goldings. It’s mix of spice and sweetness creates a strong-tasting beer with a welcoming aroma. Our Archer hops are perfect for creating tangy beers with a citrus twist, and we also have Cascade, Fuggles, Mosaic and many more types of home brew hops varieties online.

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