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If bottles are taking time out of your day and you want to share your beer with others, then it’s time to invest in an excellent keg kit.

Pressure barrels are the ultimate add-ons for homebrewers as they enable you to serve lager to people at a higher carbonated pressure.

Our pressure barrels by injecting carbon dioxide into the in-valve, which reaches the top of your beer through a drip tube. The process causes the brewed beer to carbonate, which makes lager.

We have a range of refurbished Cornelius kegs available so that you can get the best keg kits and taps at the lowest prices.

Our collection includes 5-gallon Corny Keg Kits, PVC gas beer lines, and a range of taps. If you’d like more advice on which keg kit to purchase, feel free to contact (link to contact page) our friendly team for support.