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On The House Wine Kits are one of the best selling wine kits on the market. They are extremely easy to make and coming in at only £1.50 per bottle you will always be satisfied with your glass of home brewed wine after a long day at work or before your night out on the weekend!

We have many different styles of Red, White and blush wines from On The House Wine Kits, all include 6L of grape juice, varietal yeast, wine nutrient, wine stabiliser and finings.

To make the kits, you only need to add water. Due to the high concentration of grape juice, no added sugar is required. After carefully following the instructions provided and patiently wait 4 weeks you will be rewarded with 30 bottles of your favourite wine!

You will need 23L ( 5 gallon) brewing equipment and 30 wine bottles to store and serve these wines. You can buy 24 Olive Wine Bottles or Clear Wine Bottles for only £22. You will also need a wine corker, you can either use a hand corker or a twin lever corker, the difference being price. Finally, you will need some corks, we sell these for only £3.50 per 30 corks.

Our range includes:

Cabernet Sauvignon
California Red
Pinot Grigio
Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc
California White

If you love our On The House wine kits you will also love our Beaverdale Range, if you are looking out for something a little cheaper you may even want to try Solomon Grundy.