IPA Beer Kits

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We stock the broadest range of home brewing IPA beer kits. Whether it’s a Grapefruit IPA, a West Coast or a Hazy IPA you are after, we have you covered at Kegthat!

The popular trend of hoppy craft beers has quickly transferred into the beer kit market too! At one of our recent events, we have discovered that brewers who haven’t tried kits for years find themselves extremely pleasantly surprised with the latest IPA beer kits on the market.

There is nothing more refreshing than a lovely homebrewed IPA on tap from your kegerator or fresh out of the fridge! Explore our range and enjoy browsing the best out there! If you have any questions about our kits then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for questions or just a chat about beer!

Serving the perfect IPA is not all about the IPA itself, ensure you have the best class possible! Make sure to read our recent blog post explaining the best possible beer glasses for serving an IPA. Overall, we would recommend the Spiegelau-style glass!