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More about malts

Malts are responsible for breaking down complex carbohydrates to create a sweet taste. As with yeast, the type of malt you use will define the flavour and strength of your brew.

We stock a range of popular and speciality malts. Try out our Crushed Chocolate Malt for something a bit different or stick to traditional wheat mixes. There’s something for everyone here.

Whether brewing beer for home consumption or commercial selling, premium quality grains and malts are an essential ingredient in the recipe for beers that make you say “cheers!”.

We can help you buy the best home brewing malts and grains for sale in the UK. Check out the full list below or get in touch to take the first steps to brewing your dream beer today.
Brewing Grains For A Wide Range Of Luxury Beers
Reliability is one of the most important features of any brewing grains that you wish to buy. We stock some of the best ingredients for sale in the UK, giving you the option to home brew beverages across various taste profiles and strengths. Ranging from speciality malts and pale ales to unique mixes like the Crushed Chocolate Malt, the options are endless.

Other popular grains include but are not limited to; Crushed Vienna Malt, Crushed Dextrin Malt, Crushed Wheat Malt, Crushed German Pilsen Malt, and Crushed Torrefied Oats.

Premium Quality Meets Convenient Online Buying

KegThat prides itself on supplying the best brewing grains, beer grains and malt extracts for sale in the UK direct from our online store, and subsequently delivers them to customers up and down the country. We also handle international shipments. Whether it’s a minimum 50g tester pack or a huge 25kg sack, you are guaranteed premium grade ingredients for your next beer brewing activity when you buy from KegThat. It’s no wonder we have quickly established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers.

When coupled with our brilliant prices, including free UK delivery for orders over £75, finding the best beer brewing grains and malt extract has never been simpler. To learn more about each mix, check out our online range below.