Merlot Wine Kits

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Merlot wine kits are arguably one of the most popular wines, with good reason, rich in dark fruit flavours like Black Cherry, Blackberry, Plum and Raspberry, all layered over subtle herbal and vanilla notes, it’s no wonder why these kits are so popular.

The ability to make anywhere up to 30 bottles within the same month of fermentation not only satisfies the taste buds of any Wine connoisseur it also can be done at a relatively quick pace. Gone are the days when you have to crush the grapes and allow them to ferment for months at a time, these simple and affordable kits provide high-quality ingredients that will leave you wanting to make more.

The perfect wine ingredients must be complemented with the perfect equipment to ensure you get the richest flavour and the best quality/quantity of product. The equipment we recommend when making a great-tasting wine out of any of the kits we sell include:

  • – A fermenting Vessel at a minimum of 27L
  • A Siphon
  • An Air Tight lid and mixing Bucket
  • A thermometer
  • Bottles to store the Wine

Whether you want to make a great-tasting wine in a short time frame or want to begin your own wine cellar with barrels and barrels of aged wine, make sure you pick up one of these kits. You will not be disappointed!