Wort Chillers

The brewing process is complicated, and if you want the best results, then you need to invest in the right equipment. Copper wort chillers are central to the quality of your beer, so it’s crucial to find one that works.

The right chiller will cool your brew while maintaining the flavor and clearing your beer of harmful bacteria. Our selection safely transitions from a brewing temperature of 100℃ to 24℃.

How Do Our Chillers Work?

Our wort coolers work by using copper to form a coil, which attaches to your water supply. Once your brew reaches the boiling point, the cold water flows through your coil, which cools down the water quickly and safely.

They’re much more straightforward than placing your brew in an ice bath and take a fraction of the time. If you want a fresh-tasting beer, which is safe for people to drink then a wort chiller is a must.

Our Range:

We have a range of immersion wort chillers ranging from 8m to 25m. Our 8m wort chillers are ideal for small batches, but if you brew large amounts of beer we recommend you choose a 25m chiller.

You can customize the height of your wort chiller so it fits perfectly in your boiler. Please leave special instructions of your boiler height.

We work with a diameter of 10mm as this has been tested to prove a highly effective diameter to work alongside standard mains water pressure.

If you’d like more support, our friendly customer service team is on hand to offer guidance.

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