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Last updated on: 6 July 2023

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KegThat Copper Wort Cooler

Why choose a copper wort chiller?

Copper leaves behind beneficial minerals which are helpful to brewing excellent beer! They are also much more efficient than a stainless steel chiller. You can read our blog post on deciding on the best chiller here.

High-Quality, highly efficient copper wort cooler.

  • Made from a high quality 8 meter coil of 10mm copper micro-bore
  • Includes thick, durable 10mm food grade tubing which has been melted onto the tail connections to ensure no leaks. In the unlikely event that your chiller experiences leaks, new hose connections and repairs can be completed free of charge. The food grade hose is available in any size at extra cost. The default is roughly 200mm.
  • Fitted with high quality hose connectors which some customers have described as “good as hozelock”.


  • The default height of the chiller from top to bottom is 400mm. This can be increased up to 450mm at no extra cost. Any more than 450mm and an alternative delivery service must be used (This will cost extra).
  • The default width of the coils is roughly 160mm, this DOES NOT include the return pipe for the wort out as this comes on the outside of the chiller.
  • In special circumstances, the width of the coils can be increased to 250mm.

Working instructions:

  •  Sanitize the outside of the chiller. The inside does not need to be sanitized as the wort will never actually        go through it. A common sanitizer used is Star San. Message me for more information on how to use this         product.
  • Connect IN and OUT hoses to mains water pressure hose lock connections. As stated earlier, longer tubing can be requested.
  • Place the wort cooler into the boiler, using the swan neck to hook over the edge.

What’s included?:

  • 1x Copper wort cooler.
  •  2x Hose connections with the specified length of tubing.