Wine Buddy Wine Kits

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Making wine is simple and the help of the Wine Buddy wine kit, they allow you to make a whole bottle of wine in less than a week at the price of around £1.50 a bottle.

Youngs 30 Bottle Wine Buddy Wine Kits

30 Bottle Chardonnay
30 Bottle Cabernet Sauvignon
30 Bottle Merlot
30 Bottle Pinot Grigio
30 Bottle Sauvignon Blanc
30 Bottle White Zinfandel

Youngs 6 Bottle Wine Buddy Wine Kits

6 Bottle Cabernet Sauvignon
6 Bottle Chardonnay
6 Bottle Merlot
6 Bottle Sauvignon Blanc

Why use Wine Buddy?

The Wine buddy Kit has the ingredients you need to make your first bottle of wine in just 7 Days, the process is simple to follow and makes Home brewing wine feel like you are cheating when you are using this kit. The best way to describe the type of wine you will be making is kind of like similar to a mid-day style of wine, basically full of flavour whilst not suffering as much with a hangover the next day.

Note : When using any kit whether it be spirits, wine or beer it’s vital to clean and sterilise all the equipment you will be using prior to brewing to ensure no contamination in any of the brewing processes and to achieve the best taste possible out of your homebrew.

Fermentation process

It is absolutely critical when home brewing any wine that you ensure you don’t get air into the wine during its fermentation process, when fermenting if air mixes in with your wine then you  won’t get the Deep Red smooth flavour that your look for in a wine, instead you will get a dark red tart flavoured wine-based vinegar,

It’s advised when fermenting that you use some Bubbler airlocks on the fermentation container to help ensure no air gets between you and the delicious wine you are fermenting.

Although not included in the kits I highly recommend using fermentation bins as it helps speed up the fermentation process and allows larger quantities to be fermented.

What do I get in my Wine Buddy Kit?

1 x Concentrate pack from which the wine will be made

Pack A: Yeast/Nutrient to start the fermentation process

Pack B: French Oak Chips to add a barrel-aged quality to your wine

Pack C: Stabiliser to stop the fermentation process

Pack D: F-Pack(s) to enhance the varietal characteristics of the wine

Pack E: Finings 1/Pack F: Finings 2/Pack G: Finings 3 to clear the wine

So what extras would I need to purchase to get the best flavour out of my Winebuddy Starter Kit?

4 kg of white sugar to assist the fermentation process

2 x 5-gallon fermentation vessels one to brew in, another to siphon fermented wine into

1 x 5-gallon fermentation vessel lid to cover fermentation container and prevent contamination

1 x airlock (with bung) to allow the release of gas produced during fermentation

Spoon to stir your brew

Hydrometer to check that the fermentation process is complete

Syphon tube and bucket clip to transfer the wine from original container to the second container

30x wine bottles & stoppers to store the wine in once it is made

1 x Steriliser to clean and steriliser all equipment