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If you love wine that tastes of red fruit pepper and spices then this is the wine kit for you. The Shiraz wine kits are just like any other wine kit we sell: Stocked to the brim with the finest quality ingredients that make every bottle (up to 30) taste amazing from the first sip of the first bottle you crack open to the last sip from the dregs of the last bottle.

Although the Kits have the finest ingredients there are some extras we recommend you pick up to turn the finest ingredients into the finest bottles of wine, these are:

  • White sugar to assist the fermentation process
  • 25L (Min) fermentation vessels one to brew in, another to siphon fermented wine into
  • 25L (Min ) fermentation vessel lid to cover fermentation container and prevent contamination
  • -airlock (with bung) to allow the release of gas produced during fermentation
  • -Spoon to stir your brew
  • -Hydrometer to check that the fermentation process is complete
  • -Syphon tube and bucket clip to transfer the wine from the original container to the second container
  • -30x wine bottles & stoppers to store the wine in once it is made
  • -Steriliser to clean and sterilise all equipment.

We at Kegthat want to help you be proud of the wine you brew from home and the team is happy to advise on any of the queries you may have to ensure you get the fullest potential out of our wine kits.

Interested in starting win-making today? we recommend if you do not have a wine-making kit, this will have some of the equipment required to make great tasting wine and an even greater price.

Whether you’re drinking the wine as soon as it’s ready or ageing it so it can develop some deeper flavours we hope you love the kits as much as we do!