Bitter Beer Kits

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Nothing beats a good earthy bitter real ale and the popularity of homebrewed Bitter is increasing with little microbreweries popping up all over the UK trying to sell their special homemade Bitters, here at KegThat we believe everyone should be able to have a try at brewing their own bitter and that’s why we offer a wide range of Bitter Kits which taste close to some of your favourite ales that you would get out of a shop or pub.

Our Bitter Ale Kits come with Premium ingredients to help make your home brewing process be as easy as possible. Once you try a fresh homebrewed Bitter you will probably not want to turn back. The Premium ingredients that come with our kits will produce the best Bitter when used alongside the following:

Our Bitter Ale kits may differ in flavour however any Bitter Ale lover will be able to find their perfect kit at an affordable cost, not only that but you will be able to make a good quantity of Bitter Ale in a matter of weeks. We hope you enjoy the Bitter Kits as much as we do!