PuriClean 400gs



Last updated on: 23 April 2023

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The Puriclean dual-purpose formula is designed for cleaning and sterilizing all stored water systems, including those geared towards homebrewing. It effectively cleans the entire water system, including tanks, pipes, pumps, and taps. This unique solution eliminates bacteria, viruses, biofilm, algae, and fungi in just one easy step.

How to Use Puriclean

For optimal results, simply soak the water system in Puriclean and flush it afterward. This powerful treatment ensures the components of the water system remain unharmed. Puriclean has been successfully utilized across the globe for over 30 years.

Using Puriclean is a breeze – just add it to the water system, let it soak for 1 to 12 hours, and rinse. Regular use will help maintain a clean and healthy water storage system.

Available sizes:

  • 100g: Suitable for cleaning tanks up to 90 liters
  • 400g: Suitable for cleaning tanks up to 270 liters

Puriclean is compatible with all water systems, including those with stainless steel boilers.