Homebrewing: Expectations vs Reality

Written by kegthat

24 June 2020

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It’s no secret that beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world and the UK love grabbing a cold one after a hard day at work. But with an increasingly challenging economy, many people are starting to homebrew their own beers wines or ciders.

Homebrewing dates back to ancient times, so it can’t be that difficult, right? As the team here have learned through plenty of mistakes, if you want to brew your own beer, you need to understand the process and use correct procedures.

The most important thing we see is people complaining about their expectations not meeting reality. In this blog, we’ll look at some common misconceptions about homebrewing and unearth what you can expect. Ready to brew your own beer? Read on.

Expectation: It Will Be Just as Easy to Create a Large Batch of Beer

So you started small, but now you want to make the most of your time and brew large batches of beer at once? The saying don’t run before you can walk comes to mind here. Yes, it seems like a great idea to go all-in, but brewing is a complex process.

Reality: OK, So Now What Do I Do?

As a beginner, you should start with a simple recipe and make small batches of beer until you’re comfortable with the brewing process. Patience will be your biggest virtue here because once you learn how to brew, you’ll be able to increase your batches without making amateur mistakes.

Expectation: I’ll Just Give it a Quick Rinse, and Everything Will Be Fine

Let’s face it; the cleaning process is the least enjoyable part of the homebrew process. We get that, but if you think you can give your equipment a quick rinse and all will be well, think again!

Reality: Something’s Gone Very Wrong Here

Cleaning your equipment is vital to the taste and quality of your drinks. Even the smallest amount of bacteria can spoil your batch, so it’s essential to keep everything as clean as possible.

We recommend using specialist cleaning products (link to products here) to sanitise your equipment. Yes, it’s tedious. But once you understand the importance of thoroughly cleaning everything, you’ll enjoy great tasting beer.

Expectation: Improvising Means I’ll Make a Unique Batch of Beer

Some homebrewers see instructions as a could and not a must. You’ve read the instructions on your brewing kit, but you want to fly solo and improvise. After all, if you add a unique twist to the brew, you could create a unique batch of beer.

Reality: Why Does My Beer Taste So Bad?

Adding extra sugar will over carbonate your batch. Mixing the wrong ingredients or adding incorrect amounts can impact the taste. Think about what the recipe says and make a conscious effort to follow it.

Expectation: I’m Going to Get Rich!

You’re making your own beer, so why wouldn’t you become successful? Who knows, perhaps you could be the next IPA.

Reality: There’s a Lot of Competition

In the UK today there are over 2000 microbreweries, and the competition is fierce. While many people start homebrewing as a hobby, others think it’s a viable business option. It can be, but you should remember that making a lot of money from your microbrewery is unlikely, so treat making beer, wine or cider as a hobby.

The Bottom Line

If you want to homebrew alcohol, then it’s a great hobby to have. But it’s essential to keep your expectations in check and think about what you want to gain from making beer. The most critical aspect of brewing is to find the right equipment and learn how to use it correctly. Once you’ve mastered the process, you can enjoy great-tasting beverages.

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