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Last updated on: 3 April 2023

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Get ready to brew a punk ipa brew kit rock masterpiece with our Punk'd IPA All-Grain Recipe Kit Clone! This kit pays homage to the iconic Punk IPA, known for its rebellious spirit and explosive flavors. Now you can recreate that same audacious beer in the comfort of your home brewery with our meticulously crafted, easy-to-follow recipe kit.

Our Brewdog Punk IPA all grain recipe kit clone contains all the necessary ingredients to create a delicious, hop-forward IPA with a perfect balance of maltiness and bitterness. The kit includes a carefully selected blend of premium malts, hops, and yeast, designed to provide you with the ultimate brewing experience.

Just as Brewdog's however Ahtanum has been substituted for cascade. Try this insanely hopped IPA brewdog beer making kit.

Extra Pale Malt - 4380g
Cara malt - 250g

Chinook - 20 (Start)
Cascade - 12.5 (Start)
Chinook - 20 (Middle)
Cascade - 12.5 (Middle)
Chinook - 27.5 (End)
Cascade - 12.5 (End)
Simcoe - 12.5 (End)
Nelson Sauvin - 12.5 (End)
Chinook - 47.5 (Dry Hop)
Cascade - 37.5 (Dry Hop)
Simcoe - 37.5 (Dry Hop)
Nelson Sauvin - 20 (Dry Hop)
Cascade - 37.5 (Dry Hop)
Amarillo - 10 (Dry Hop)


SafAle US-05

A detailed recipe will be sent along with the kit